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  • Will Grabince hook up my plumbing?
    Grabince is not licensed for plumbing. Granite technicians will install your sinks and drill your faucet holes, but cannot connect any water lines or pipes.
  • Can Grabince remove my current countertops?
    Whether you are making room for new counters or saving them for reinstallation, Grabince technicians can remove your tile, formica, laminate, or granite counters.
  • Will there be dust?
    Cutting and polishing granite can be a messy process, but Grabince technicians will do their best to minimize the dust in your house. However, this does not mean that the work will be completely dust free. Be prepared to see dust in and around your cabinets. We recommend you remove all items from your cabinets and the surrounding area. For open-plan houses, adjoined rooms should be curtained off to prevent dust from travelling.
  • Can Grabince remove my mirrors?
    Grabince technicians are not trained to handle glass or mirrors. Please find a professional to remove any glass or mirrors that will prevent removal and/or installation.
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